Thursday, December 14, 2006

Day 30 : Sopas Sining at Sorbetes and DAGITAB in Bustos

I went to CCP to help Outreach Division in the annual Sopas, Sining at Sorbetes. This was my 2nd time to join this event. Last year, I also joined with Hobart Savior, while on our way to Singapore to perform. It was fun working with the kids. Role of the day was SORBETERO! Yes, I helped in giving ice cream to kids of more than a thousand. Fun and tiring. But worth the time and effort.

From CCP, I made my adventure finding the way to Bustos from Manila. I took Baliwag Transit from Cubao. When I reached Baliwag, Fernan Tadeo picked me up there. Fernan is the Artistic Director of Dalubhasaan ng mga Giya ng Sining at Teatro ng Artista ng Bayan (DAGITAB).

It was already past 9pm when I reached Bustos, Bulacan. DAGITAB has a nice little office. At 10pm, we started the workshop session. I introduced some exercises on physical theater and nonverbal theater. They were very eager to learn the new performance technology that I shared with them. They took on all the exercises interestingly and faithfully in the middle of the night. We ended the workshop sessions at 3:30am. Still very proactive, we discusses until 4:30am.