Monday, December 4, 2006

Day 20 : Sining Bulakenyo and Sining Alitaptap

Today, I met two Malolos-based performing arts groups : Sining Bulakenyo and Sining Alitaptap.

Sining Bulakenyo (SIBUL) is a dance group based in Malolos City. The group was established in 2003 right after the Lola Kikay production of Barasoain Kalinangan. And last year, the group was awarded the 2005 ASEAN Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations.

With Sining Bulakenyo dancers

At 1pm, I conducted Subanen dance workshops with the SIBUL artists. I taught two dances Sebay and Dinakpanay sa Atubangan. Later in the evening, I visited their office in Canalate and had casual talks with Rodel Fronda, SIBUL Artistic Director and Choreographer, and some of the senior members of the group. I learned from them that they have made two instructional videos already.

At 5pm, I also met Abelardo Maclang of Sining Alitaptap. He brought me to one of the rehearsal venues – a Christian church. I met there some of the members.

With members of Sining Alitaptap

Sining Alitaptap is a community-based theater group in Malolos. Their works are towards promoting and protecting the rights of the child. It is so heart-warming to hear from them that they work by faith in God. They can start making a production with a zero budget. I still couldn’t figure out how they started a production with nothing as budget. But they were able to find funds and stage their productions. They also rehearsed in the middle of the streets. Such was a good story to tell.

I went home with a heart full of inspirations upon hearing success stories of these groups.