Sunday, December 3, 2006

Day 19 : Trip to San Jose del Monte City

Today was another long day for me.

At 10am, I watched JOYA, the new play of Barasoain Kalinangan. The play is a biographical story of the life of Jose Joya, the National Artist for Visual Arts. Good play.

At 1pm, we presented the nonverbal theater piece (Untitled) that I directed as workshop output of the 3-nights workshop sessions on nonverbal theater with BK. The presentation was a big leap from the last rehearsals that we did. The actors started to take into the shape of the characters. It’s just a pity that we didn’t have more time for exploration. But as output of 3-nights sessions, that was already good for me.

At 2pm, Dante Navarro fetched me and brought me to San Jose del Monte City. He is the Culture, Arts and Tourism Officer. When we reached there, I was so touched with the preparation that Teatro San Josenyo made. I saw monobloc chairs and an improvised stage made from judo mats. They have prepared a performance for me! I was so touched to be given such an honor of being offered a performance! Teatro San Josenyo performed some of their dances.

Teatro San Josenyo performing a dance piece for me

Teatro San Josenyo is another community-based theater group based in San Jose del Monte City. The group is also composed of pro-active youth of the city. The group has just been established this year, under the able leadership and management of Dante Navarro.

I conducted a 3-hour workshop on acting and nonverbal theater with them. They took the sessions well. I just wish that I had more time with them. They were very eager to learn more – and that’s one thing that I am so happy with this youth group.

Around 11pm, Sir Dante brought me back to Malolos City.