Monday, November 13, 2006

Ugnayan sa Sining

In response, I designed and submitted my work proposal for the one-month immersion in Malolos, Bulacan.
Please read the work program below. >>>


This is a proposed one-month artist community immersion in Bulacan in order to get a glimpse of the Bulakenyo culture, that will serve as foundation in introducing an alternative system of theater making (non-verbal theater) to theater practitioners in the area.

The work program will take place in Malolos, Bulacan from November 13 to December 13, 2006.

The proponent artist will visit and immerse in the different cultural and arts traditions of Bulacan, as well as the contemporary practices. The artist will travel and learn different cultural practices in the area by :
· visiting and observing handicraft making places,
· interviewing local poets and writers (Balagtasan tradition),
· learning Bulacan traditional dances,
· observing and working with local drama groups,
· visiting museums and historical sites, as well as libraries or archives
· talking to local visual artists,
· observing traditional musicians (rondalla etc..),
· and talking to historians, local people and the youth.

The proponent artist will also observe the night life or night culture of Bulacan, as well as the pop culture among the youth.

These visits will be done during the weekdays.

During weekends (and probably some nights during weekdays), the proponent artist will introduce non-verbal theater practice to local theater practitioners. It will be on exploratory practice, injecting into the modules what the proponent artist can gather during the weeklong visits and exposure. The artist will introduce workshop sessions, getting inspirations from the research and interviews that will be conducted during the week.

Non-verbal theater is an alternative theater making wherein the text is reduced to movements, nuances, visual signages. It is a theater of semiotics – of poetic symbols and images.

At the end of one month, short non-verbal pieces will be mounted as a showcase of the non-verbal theatre workshops. A simple write up about Bulacan culture and the arts will be made also.

Below is the proposed schedule of the immersion on a weekly basis :

1st Week
Discussion and briefing with the host group (BKFI)
Visits to museums, libraries and archives, historical sites
Observe local drama groups and talks with local theater artists
Observe pop culture among the youth
Introduce basic practice of non-verbal theater

2nd Week
Visits of handicraft making places
Interviews with local poets and writers
Observe and learn Bulacan traditional dances
Interviews with local people and the youth (students)
Observe pop culture and night life / culture
Non-verbal theater sessions

3rd Week
Visits and talks with local visual artists
Visits to local handicraft making areas
Interviews with local people and the youth
Observe pop culture and night life
Non-verbal theater sessions

4th Week
Observe and talks with local musicians (rondalla etc)
Interviews with local historians
Interviews with people and youth (students)
Join pop culture / night life
Non-verbal theater sessions / rehearsals

5th Week
Present write ups to host group for validation of research
Final sessions / rehearsals for non-verbal theater workshop
Showcase of non-verbal theater mini-productions

The proponent artist needs the help of the host group (BKFI)
· to connect to the local artists (both traditional and contemporary artists) of Bulacan;
· to visit historical sites, museums, libraries and archives
· to conduct interviews to historians, poets and writers, as well as the students
· to visit handicraft making sites
· to provide workshop spaces for non-verbal theater sessions, as well as possible technical support (sounds and lights)

The expected output of this one-month artist immersion program is a showcase of short non-verbal theater pieces that will be reflective of the Bulakenyo culture. A very simple research study about Bulacan culture and the arts will be presented also.

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