Saturday, November 18, 2006

Day 4 : Library Research & Visual Arts Exhibit

I arrived back to Malolos from Manila at 1pm.

At 3pm, I visited the Provincial Public Library and read the coffee table book BULACAN Lalawigan ng Bayani at Bulaklak. I had headache after reading few pages of the book. I realized that I have very slow, if not, poor comprehension in Tagalog. There were many words in the book that I didnt understand. I realized that I am more "Americanized" in terms of reading comprehension. I find it more easy to read and understand English books. I feel sad of this realization.
Bahaghari Exhibit

At 6pm, I witnessed the opening of Bahaghari art exhibit called Balantok. Bahaghari is one of the Malolos-based visual arts group in Bulacan.

After the art exhibit, we went to see the pop culture among the teenagers of Bulacan. I saw young boys playing with bicycles and skateboards. They seem to enjoy, but a bit dangerous to look at.

Rest for the day.