Thursday, November 23, 2006

Day 9 – Visit to Bulacan State University

I went to visit Bulacan State University in Malolos. I met Mdm Marissa Parungao, Dean of Institute of Fine Arts and Architecture. I wanted to interview their Fine Arts students, but I was told that they were in Manila for some ads competition. We agreed that I visit the Institute the next week.

From there, I went to meet Maestro Herminio Suarez, Director for Cultural Affairs and Historical Development and also the Maestro of BulSU Symphonic Band. He told me about the different art groups of the BSU. These are:

BulSU Symphonic Band
BulSU Lahing Kayumanggi
BulSU Dancesport
BulSU Saring Himig
BulSU Hyper Dynamics

He told me that their BulSU Teatro Edukasyon is not active at the moment.

After paying visit to the office of Maestro Suarez, I went to visit the office of BulSU Lahing Kayumanggi. The dance troupe adviser Mrs. Jovita Meneses was not there when I visited the office. I met the LK dancers and made casual chats with them. They showed me their dance suites, which include Filipiniana, Rural, Cordillera, Muslim and Mindanao Dances. They also showed me their postcard photos.

I wanted to meet Mrs Meneses, so I told the LK dancers that I will come back the next day.

Rest for the day.