Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Day 7 : City Exploration

Today, I f****d up everything that is inside my dvcamcorder. All the files were deleted when I downloaded them to my aged-old laptop. Sigh, I guess I pressed a wrong button - and it popped out all the photos,video and voice recording that I did during the previous days. These included my interview with Johnee Gamboa, the photos of the House of Saints and the old houses.

What else could I do to retrieve them? as in NOTHING...

Out of my frustration, I just strolled down the streets of Malolos in the afternoon. My favorite was observing the busy street life along San Vicente Street. It looked like a Chinatown, with people selling different stuffs that they think people would buy. I stayed there for more than 2 hours observing and watching passersby, listening to people bargaining over stuffs. It is a simple real-life theater performance for me.

I went strolling along the Provincial Capitol plaza again. In the evening, I went to watch the dress-tech run of BK's Joya.