Monday, November 20, 2006

Day 6 : Trip to Baliwag and Bustos

I went to BK office to meet Crisanto Bongga to schedule my skillsharing workshop on nonverbal theater with BK artists. I witnessed also the ongoing theater laboratory workshop that BK is organized until February 2007. I had casual chats with senior BK artists also about BK works and experiences.
At around 12 noon, we went to Baliwag to visit Noel, Direk Arman's friend and a former BK artist. Noel held a luncheon for his friends, after he was rumored that he died already. They jokingly said the luncheon was to celebrate his rebirth. I met former BK artists there. I also met and interviewed Johnee Gamboa, who had spent 7 years working with BK from 1987 to 1994.
Johnee shared to me his experiences in theater prior to his affiliation with BK. He also shared to me his concept of good theatermaking. Talking with him was like talking to a father guiding a son how to do things. I should acknowledge the fact that I learned lots from him in the almost 2-hour interview I had with him. He challenged me to continue my work - and that I should strive for quality works than quantity.
After that, we went to see the old house called Villa Florencia - which was formally owned by Florencia Mateo. Now it is owned by Cruz family. The owner of the house now told us that several period films were already shot there, like Maruja etc. There were a lot of antiques inside the house. The house is cleanly maintained.
From there, we went to Bustos to see the what-I-call-as House of Saints - because the whole house is devoted to the collection of saints. I saw different Santo Niños, but my favorite is the Santo Niño de Baliwag. It is dressed as Bulakenyo. The place is owned by Allan Tengco.
From there, we came back to Malolos for the Joya rehearsals of BK. I observed the run of the production.