Thursday, November 30, 2006

Day 16 – Trip to Guiguinto and Meeting with URC Teatro Carmelo

Early in the morning, I went to Guiguinto to meet Ariel at Department of Agriculture. I also met there Robert Lorenzo, the Production Manager of Guiguinto Halamanan Streetdancers. The group is now accredited with the Municipal Tourism Office.


They brought me to meet the Tourism Officer designate and also the Budget Officer. I was told that Halamanan Festival components are Streetdancing, Plant Exhibits, Jobs Fair, Landscaping and State of the Town Address of the Municipal Mayor. This festival started 8 years ago and held every January 23 during the Town Fiesta. Ariel then brought me the 400-year old church. But the church underwent several renovations I guess, so it doesn’t look that old anymore. It has been repainted already.
From there, we went to the Garden City where I saw hundreds of plant varieties. They told me that for the last 8 years the Halamanan Streetdancing started from there going to town proper.
I left Guiguinto at 12noon. And at 2pm, I met Eric Rosales, the moderator of URC Teatro Carmelo in Malolos. The theater is a university-based theater group of University of Regina Carmeli. Eric let me watched their rehearsals of Dakilang Bulakenyo, which is a collaborative production with Koro Carmelo and URC Dance Troupe.

Rehearsals of Teatro Carmelo

Then at 5pm, I went to observe the physical preparations or physical warm ups of Barasoain Kalinangan (BK) artists.
Rest for the day.