Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Day 15 – Trip to Balagtas, Bocaue and Marilao

Today, I visited 3 towns of Bulacan : Balagtas, Bocaue and Marilao.

First stop was Balagtas. I went to see the Municipal Hall of Balagtas and the old church. But the church was closed. So, I decided to look for the birth house of Balagtas instead. To find my way there, I asked some of the street people for directions. But people just didn’t know. So I decided to go to the Mayor’s Office and asked for directions. Then, I headed to Barangay Panginay to see the replica of the birth house of Franciso Balagtas.
I met Mdm Flordeliza Emano, School Principal of Francisco Balagtas Memorial Elementary School. The replica of the birth house of Balagtas is inside the school grounds. I requested permission to be given the chance to see their little museum dedicated to Balagtas. Madam Emano told me that there is nothing actually inside the birth house.
Replica of the house of Franciso Balagtas

Balagtas was only born in Panginay. But he stayed most of his life in Bataan.

From there, I went to Bocaue, Bulacan. I went to see the Municipal Hall and the old church. Old Spanish churches always fascinate me. Passing through the river where the famous Pagoda Tragedy happened a decade ago, I asked the motorcycle driver to stop so I could take a look and took photographs. The driver told me that the pagodas are now smaller after that incident.

He then brought me to the streets where fireworks are being sold. I was so amazed to see different kinds of fireworks. And I am sure the Bulacan Fireworks display in Cagayan de Oro City are from this place.

Final stop was Marilao, Bulacan. I went to see the Municipal Hall and the old church. Then I explored the area by walking along the neighborhood. Quite a safe place actually. From there, I went to see SM City Marilao.


Then, I went back to Malolos at 5pm to continue my rehearsals with BK on the nonverbal theater piece. We finished rehearsing at 9pm. Tita Precy, one of the BK Uhay member, invited me for dinner at City Walk with Joonee Gamboa and Joepri Mariano.