Friday, November 24, 2006

Day 10 – Visit to BSU again and Library Research

I came back to BSU again to meet the Mrs Jovita Meneses and the LK artists. I met Oswald Solis and had casual interview with them about Lahing Kayumanggi (LK). The group used to be called BICAT Dance Troupe. And in 1988, it became Lahing Kayumanggi. Oswald told me that their present choreographer is Ding Dimagiba, who is also LK alumnus.
From BSU, I went to the Provincial Library to do some reading about Bulacan. Book of the day was THE WOMEN OF MALOLOS by Nicanor Tiongson.

These are what I gathered from the book :
That Malolos comes from the older name “Malulos” which means a place with lots of lulos reeds.

That the Women of Malolos were the 20 women who handed the letter to Governor General Valeriano Weyler requesting to let them hold night school to study Spanish.

That the 20 Women of Malolos (1860-1920) descended from 4 big mestizo families (Tiongson, Tantoco, Reyes and Santos), and that they were related to each other by blood or affinity.

That these women were born and raised in upper middle class circumstances.

That Teodoro Sandico wrote the letter in Spanish which the 20 women signed.

That when given the permission to hold classes, Guadalupe Reyes (a maestro from Manila) handled the classes.

Rest for the day.

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